North of 49 Photography offers Canadian tours and workshops for enthusiasts that want to explore all that Canada has to offer through their lens.

From the western shores of Vancouver Island, to the lighthouses on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia, and north beyond the arctic circle; each tour and workshop is designed with our travel partners with the photographer in mind.

We also travel globally to our favorite destinations. Every year we travel back to such locations as France, Africa, Iceland, Venezuela and other International photography destinations that our clients and friends want to visit with us.


A Canadian photo workshop has a learning structure where you can learn basics on photography, composition, digital darkroom and workflow in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada.

In addition to our workshops. our photo tours are an opportunity for  more experienced photographers to photograph Canada with a guide that knows our Country.

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Our Global Photography Workshops have more defined daily itineraries, including scheduled editing sessions, to ensure you learn all aspects of photography before our time together is over.

The global trips we take are to our favorite locations around the globe.

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We have a core group of guides and PRO Photographers that work with us to ensure you have a quality learning environment. We also bring in other PRO Photographers that specialize in various types of photography.  

These Photographers then lead our workshops to ensure that you get the best student to teacher ratio that we can offer.  

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